Exchange Review: the app, is it a good choice for beginners?

Many people wonder how to get started in their crypto journey. If you've read my bio, you'll know I have a fairly extended background in IT; I've also traded stocks and bonds so I'm not new to the concept of how to trade and what costs can be hidden from sight.

But even for someone like me, with a good grasp of technology and even some familiarity with trading tools, there was a lot I didn't understand about what was different and why certain apps were better than others. NOTE: Although I do use myself, I did not receive any gratuity from for this review. However, if you do decide to create an account on the app, please use my referral code, this rewards both of us at no cost to you.

My app referral code: dv84dgcqr2 (get a free $25 when you stake your first CRO coins).

An app that sounds like a website

The first time I heard about I opened a web browser and browsed over to the exchange. Being in the US, the first thing I got was not encouraging, since the moment I chose USA as my location, it would not let me get into the web-hosted exchange to buy crypto. The actual exchange, staking platform, etc. is actually found on an APP by the name of - this is how you use this platform if you're in the US. Once you install the app, you'll be asked for KYC (be prepared to provide drivers license, SSN, and other pertinent info). This is required due to the app being tied to financial services: unfortunately, due to regulatory controls, this is required on any central exchange that you use and isn't tied to just the USA, but almost every country in the world is now requiring some form of KYC.

How I get the most out of

The best feature of is it's metal debit card: a legit, premium-looking debit card that you can use to pay for goods and services, while earning money. The debit card requires you to stake some dollars in CRO coin (a minimum of $400 to get the most benefit), but here's an example of what you get in return (correct at time of writing):

  • Up to 8% of free CRO coins per dollar spent. Spend $100, get $8 back in CRO!

  • Free access to cloud services (paid back in CRO) such as Spotify, Netflix, Prime, etc. - based on how much you staked. $400 for example gives you Spotify.

  • A weekly payout of CRO coins for the stake (6% p.a.)

  • And other benefits depending on how much you deposit: airport lounge access, private trading access, and at the top tier Private Jet partnership membership.

Pros and Cons

The app is very easy to use (even my non-technical wife can trade and load her card without any need for prompting), but along with the pros there are of course some cons to be aware of.


  • Rewards for staking almost every coin they offer; up to 14.5% for some coins! I currently get 6.5% on my bitcoin and Ethereum: that's crazy high compared to others out there!

  • Three tiers for staking: flexible (non-fixed), one month, three month. Obviously, best reward is three month; but if you want to be able to trade immediately at any time you would pick the flexible option.

  • Weekly paid stake rewards.

  • Published formula used for the weekly stake amount (easy to plug into Excel for forecasting)

  • Free services: things you may be paying for already. Just make sure you use the debit card and have funds to cover in place.

  • You can also sell crypto directly into other crypto (where compatible). For example, sell USDC directly into Bitcoin instead of first to fiat then buying bitcoin.


  • There are some coins that cost more than other exchanges, and Tether for example has a fee associated to using it (related more to the network than the coin). On the flipside, USDC seems to carry no fee (100USDC costs and sells for $100 for example), and there seems to be low or no cost for transfers in and out.

  • The free services and return on using the debit card is paid out in CRO coin. While it's fairly well priced right now, this value can go up or down just like any other altcoin.

  • It takes three days to transfer fiat into the system from a standard bank account, and vice versa. But, if your company does bank transfers, you can setup a direct pay from your employer to this account for the part of your salary you plan to use there, and it's available immediately on pay day.

The Final Score: 8/10

I've worked in the technology sector for nearly 30 years; I've had a lot of experience with trading and I've tried most of the apps and web exchanges out there for crypto. In my opinion, is one of the best for new starters out there, and allows newcomers to safely trade. You will be exposed to staking, debit card backed by crypto, and even get free services if you choose to deposit some funds. A well-rounded exchange: I give it an easy 8/10 for new crypto investors.

If you plan to give this platform a try, please use my referral code (dv84dgcqr2). To use the code, install the app and sign up as normal, making sure to enter the code when asked. This will reward both of us at no cost to you when you sign up for one of the metal cards.

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Stay informed my friends,


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