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Updated: Feb 2

Hello and welcome to my humble blog, where my goal is to:

  • Distill and deliver information in a short, easy-to-read format

  • Educate you on Cryptocurrency, money, technology, and more!

Yes, I know what you're thinking. "But Brandon... there's a gazillion other blogs, newsletters, and YouTube content I could view, right now; how do you fit into this big puzzle?"

How is this blog different?

I'm glad you asked. Yes; you can definitely read the thousands of newsletters, or watch the gazillion YouTube videos out there that all mostly talk about the same thing while getting banned every other day. But, if you're an average Joe like me, you want the facts, you want the highlights, and you don't want to sit for 90 minutes waiting for the host to get to their point.

The purpose of this blog is both as a news tool - so you can keep updated on the key points without spending hours on multiple news sites and channels - and as an educational tool, to help teach you about crypto, technology, and other topics that make sense to discuss.


I believe in free speech, so I welcome healthy debate and when the facts are clear, I have changed my mind. Please ensure that you keep blog discussions on-topic and polite. I do have a blog to run after all...

So, what's this all about again then?

Your Crypto Brief will help you distill the news and learn about common issues and how to resolve them - in bite sized chunks. Because after all, you have a life too.

If you like a particular post, please leave a comment, subscribe, and share with your friends; or if you would like to leave a suggestion on topics that may be of interest to others - whether pure technology or crypto topics I may have missed - please feel free to drop me a line.

Thank you for your time, and your attention!

CREDITS: Image by Alexandra Koch from Pixabay

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